Cyprus residency Investment Program

In 2009, the minister of interior decided to strengthen the economy of Cyprus and the real estate sector by creating the residency investment program. A category “F” VISA allows applicants to purchase a new personal residence in Cyprus.


Cyprus with a population of approx.1.2 Million, has entered the European Union in 2004. And now has established itself as a finance centre within the EU that offers substantial private wealth planning opportunities. It operates as a bridge across the old East and West divide and its well-regulated solid infrastructure, geographical position and sound business platform mean entrepreneurs on both sides are finding it an increasingly attractive jurisdiction through which to route business.


Cyprus's location in the Easter Mediterranean means it is particularly well placed for accessing markets in the wider Middle East region. This has added a further dimension to our traditional relations, providing a familiar, business-friendly base from which British businesses can pursue their business objectives in the entire region



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